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RJH Autostyle products warranty


Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if any goods delivered to you are faulty or unfit for purpose, provided you notify us within the first 30 days of purchase, we will ask you to return and you are entitled to a full refund or replacement. 

If you install an item that is damaged, this then waives the right to return. All items should be inspected thoroughly for damage and / or marks prior to install, as this makes it black and white as to whether the damage occurred during transit or once installed! If you choose to install a damaged item without inspecting it first then unfortunately this waives any return as we can not prove otherwise. It is important to check every delivered item thoroughly!


 If the 30-day period has passed but within the warranty, we will either repair or provide a replacement any faults need to be reported within the warranty time frame . If for any reason we are unable to repair or replace the item we will give you a full refund.

 We may ask you to return the damaged / faulty item to us so we can look at rectifying any future issues!

The original order is none transferable, if you purchase an RJH product second hand from a customer, the warranty expires.

Changes, Modifications & further damage caused to items by your own doing are not covered under warranty. Please do not attempt to repair or change an item from its delivered state as this will void warranty

Fitting Costs:

Unfortunately RJH Autostyle can not be held liable or expected to refund any fitting or installation costs of parts which have developed a fault. Under the laws of distance selling our warranty expectations lie solely with the product at hand, and if a fault is evidenced and accepted under the warranty policy this item may be refunded / replaced, but any subsequent labour costs are not covered under the warranty policy!

Customers who take to social media & leave negative reviews to slander RJH Autostyle products and reputation may not be eligible for a warranty claim, especially where the opportunity to resolve the issue was not first allowed.